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Scene from Coronation Street

Scene: Rovers Return.

Camera films Steve MacDonald walking in (having sold the pub and deciding to travel).

Barmaid: “Alrite Steve, been a while.”

Steve: “Alrite Carla. What you doin’ workin’ behind there?”

Carla: “There’s been some very big changes since you were last here.”

Steve: “I can see” (Looking around the bar, Tina’s name is now on the Door.)

Enter Ken & Deidre Barlow

Ken: “Hello Steve, how are you. When did you get back?”

Steve: “well, I just back an I wish I never leave”

Deidre: “Where’d you go?”

Steve: ”I was there for 2 weeks, so how come I never tell now. Yes, I’d stay an’ be a tourist but i can’t take the gunplay – after living in Moss Side it wouldn’t make me happy”

Still stood at the bar, Ken looks around with an arch of his eyebrow.

Ken: “So you’ve seen the changes.”

Steve: “VERY INTERESTING – “What noise does a snake make Alfie?””

Alfie is stood at the bar. Looking like a young George Best, he slowly finishes his Guinness and turns to Ken.


End Scene.

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